The most important questions about RefBan

125x125_1Q. How does it work?

A. Referral Banners is a combined banner network and referral system. We pay our users to display banners on their websites and also for referring other users. > Details

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A. Our program is free to join and you can earn an unlimited amount.

Q. What are impressions?

A. Every time a banner is shown on a website, that counts as one banner impression.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. Free members earn $0.05 per account per day for displaying banners and $0.01 per referral per day when their referrals display banners. Pro members earn $0.10 per account per day for displaying banners and $0.02 per referral per day when their referrals display banners.

We also pay affiliate commissions when your referrals purchase advertising. Free members earn 15% (up to $28.50 per sale) and Pro members earn 30% (up to $57.00 per sale).

For example, a Pro member displays banners on their website daily, has 50 referrals that display banners on their websites daily and has 5 referrals that advertise regularly…

$0.10 for displaying banners daily – $36.50 per year
50 referrals display banners daily – $365.00 per year
20 referrals buy a Pro upgrade – $648.00 per year
5 referrals advertise monthly – $900.00 per year

Total earned per year – $1,949.50

Sign-up bonuses are given for every member you refer that displays over 100 banners. Activity bonuses are given for referring members that display over 1,000 banners.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailQ. If I add code to two sites, will I earn double?

A. Adding our code to more than one site will not increase your base rate of $0.05 or $0.10 per day, but displaying more banners will refer more members, so you’ll earn more that way.

Q. How can I pay and get paid?

A. We currently support payments via PayPal and we’ll soon be adding other processors for non-PayPal countries, plus payments via international check (cheque).

Q. Can I pay or get paid via Payza?

Yes, we’ll soon be adding this processor.

Q. How do I cashout / withdraw my earnings?

A. When you have matched our cashout criteria (see Terms) a link will appear at the bottom of the ‘Referrals’ page. You’ll then be able to enter your email and other payment details.

Q. Do I have to refer buyers?

A. Yes, just like any other affiliate program, you have to generate sales in order to earn money and withdraw your earnings. You can do this by referring users that upgrade or advertise.

Q. I added your code to my pages, why am I not earning?

A. To earn the guaranteed daily amount, you need real people to view your published banners every day. Real visitors are people that have reached your pages or links naturally.


  • Telling people / advertising your website address
  • Linking from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc
  • People finding your pages via search engines

We do not count visitors that have been purchased and/or sent direct. Examples include…

  • Paid To Click (PTC) and ‘bux’ sites
  • Manual / auto traffic exchanges
  • Bulk sources, like pop-ups / pop-unders

Q. Can I join and earn even if I don’t have a website?

A. Yes, you can still make money by sharing links, or by referring other members.

Q. Where is my free $10 sign-up bonus?

A. Sorry, the ten dollar bonus was only available in pre-launch.

Q. How to get started?

A. Click here