Using Twitter to Promote Refban

This Refban training will explain how to promote and market your Refban business for free using Twitter. The process is simple and with a daily action can be as little as 10 – 15 minutes.

1. If you haven’t already get yourself a Twitter account

2. Sign up to a free Traffup account, this will be the tool you will be using to spread the word about Refban.

Free sign up in less than 30 seconds   Traffup

3. Once you have created your Traffup account go to the top of your Traffup page and click on Twitter > Edit Profile. This is were you will put your Twitter account details

. Free Twitter Followers  Traffup

4. Next stage, go again to the top of your Traffup page, but this time click on Retweets > Add Tweet and create your first Tweet. tweet

5. Once you have created your Refban tweet (Examples are at the bottom of the page) Go to the top of the Traffup page and click on Retweet and click on as many of the Retweet buttons as possible (About 50 an hour is the max)

Get Free Twitter Retweets   Traffup

6. Once you are finished allow Traffup and Twitter to do its work. Repeat the process as often as you wish and check out the other Traffup tools available.

7. For more details click here

Examples of possible Refban Tweets:
  • Refban Referral Banners Blog – Free Banner ads Business opportunity with a twist -
  • You can earn money by displaying banners on your websites or blogs…for FREE! –
  • Sign up for a Brand new concept in banner advertising…for FREE! -