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My name is Steven Jackson, originally coming from the UK however since 1997 I have been living and working in Finland with my wife Anja. For over 20 years we have been working on many entrepreneur ideas as well as unique business ideassuch as:

  • Refban Referral Banners is one of the many affiliate marketing companies we have on this blog, Refban is one of the freshest niche market ideas we have incorporating banners ads and referral marketing.
  • Eimimo, another part of niche strategy as well as a neat my e marketing strategy is Eimimo. Eimimo is a very effective double opt-in email marketing service / business opportunity that gives you a sign up bonus of $10.00 absolutely free.

Refban Referral Banners Blog’s main role is share information and knowledge about Refban great new business opportunity. The reality is that making money ideas are not easy, however there are some strategic niche management and entrepreneurship ideas that can help you be successful in your business. These are just some of the niche market examples and part time business ideas we have on this blog, so, feel free to browse my blog and get the latest trainings and information on how to make money from Refban., however if you wish to access selected pages on my site you will need to subscribe to my blog and I will send you the access code by email.

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