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RefbanI have found that one of the most cost effective ways of marketing many online businesses is through the medium of blogging and that is no different with Refban Referral Banners. A blog gives the marketer the opportunity to market the business as well as show the new afiliate some handy marketing methods which will help them to success in their new business.

Blogging websites

The choice of blogs online are vast so choice is not a problem, however for this example I am going to be talking about a free self hosted blog using a WordPress software, because in my option, it is easy to setup, a nice choice of templates and very search friendly when using the correct plugins.

Setting up your first self hosted blog

  1. Go to and create a free account
  2. Once your account is ready, click on Hosting at the top of your servers free back office.
  3. Then create your first domain by clicking “Create new account” and giving your domain a name of your choice. (Name should be business related)
  4. Once your domain is ready click on the button “Switch” and access your new domains back office.
  5. Scroll down the page until you find “Auto install”
  6. Click on the “Auto install” button and browse through the available software
  7. In the case I would suggest you choose “WordPress”
  8. Once the WordPress installer opens, choose a name and a code so you can access your wordpress account.
  9.  Wait a short while and access the WordPress admin using your access codes.
  10. Sucess! Now you should have a WordPress blog….


RefbanHow to make money from blogging

Making money from blogging is never easy, however there is many things you can do to be noticed and more visible online, so below I have put a list of some of the best plugins to make your life easier and more effective while blogging your Refban business:

  •  404 Redirection – Permanently redirect all 404′s to the main blog URL
  • Advanced Export – Adds an Advanced Export to the Tools menu which allows selective exporting of pages, posts, specific categories and/or post statuses by date.
  • All In One SEO Pack – Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog
  • Anti-spam – No spam in comments. No captcha
  • Backlink Networks – Configures backlink network ready for registration
  • Jetpack by – Bring the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress.
  • NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster – This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles and/or pages.
  • Official StatCounter Plugin – Adds the StatCounter tracking code to your blog.
  • OPS Old Post Spinner – Create a complete unique new post on a random old one and promote it to the top of your blog.
  • WordPress Related Posts – Quickly increase your readers’ engagement with your posts by adding Related Posts in the footer of your content.
  • WP Ads Within Contents – Show Ads Within Post Contents.
  • WP Keyword Link – A SEO plugin that helps you to automatically link keywords to articles.


How to write blogs

In the case of Refban referral Banners, writing your blog should be related to the promotion of your Refban business while considering that others not involved with Refban may wish to read your blog, because of the interesting and informative articles.   Attracting readers to your blog should be the main goal, because readers mean traffic and traffic mean money and of course who is to say that some readers may take an interest in Refban in the future..

Also, consider banner design, images and video to make your blog more dynamic and visually pleasing.


Can you make money blogging?

Of course you can make money from blogging, however if you believe it will show you how to make millions of dollars then think again. No-one is saying that you can’t make a lot of money from your blog, but being realistic is always a good starting place. My believe is that using a blog to market your business whatever that maybe is a good and solid business model. It allows that reader to gain something form the experience while the blogger realises the potentcal on how to make money blogging.

RefbanFinally, regardless of the business you are building, look for the niche, find the part of the business that the rest have forgotten, for example in my case two places where I get the most hits in regards to Refban is “Refban review” and “How to publish your refban referral banner” so of course I have created articles related to these subjects which have paid me nicely. This is how to earn money from internet, or just one of the ways…..


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