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get paid to display banner adsAn interesting question, where can someone get paid to display banner ads when there is so many free banner exchanges around to eat up the market. The fact is I am always looking for ways to make money from my blogs or website with as little effort as possible, in other words I want it to be automated and forgotten except my paypal account telling me that I have received some more money.

So, is there such a system or business that allows me to setup a banner ad and forget it?

Well of course there is Bannerbroker  which has been around for a while, however there is a new company that has recently appeared on the scene which fits all these categories and has attracted the attentions of bloggers globally and that is called Refban Referral Banners.

What is Refban Referral Banners?

Refban is a brand new concept in banner advertising. You can earn money by displaying banners on your website, blog and in other places much the same any other banner advertising network. However, you can also earn money by telling other people about us and referring new members and advertisers.

Banners + Referrals = Referral Banners. And by the way, it’s free

So, what do I have to do?

Simply, add our banner code to your website, blog or social pages and then receive 0.10€ a day and then with the referral link,  promote it across the web and then collect you your $5 to start you off.

What’s the catch?

No catch, Refban Referral Banners is free, so it difficult to find a catch, apart from that its free, however there is upgrade possibilities. There is an extra upgrade bonus for buy advertising which lets you earn twice as much from your referrals for a whole year (365 days) and gives you the benefits (Example below).

For $15 the advertiser get 50,000 impressions ($0.30 CPM) which means the base rate for displaying banners daily becomes $0.10+, the base rate for active referrals (ten levels) increases to $0.02+, the affiliate sales commission (direct referrals) raises to 30%, increasing your maximum earnings per sale to $57.00 bring down the minimum cashout threshold to only $50.

Every time you buy, your advertiser status will be extended for a further 365 days.  (Check Refban review for details)


Yes, its possible to find companies that will pay you to put banner ads on your blog or website, so any bloggers or Webmaster out there, get started today and make some extra cash from your website or blog and just forget….


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